Risborough Basket expands

With the help of local volunteers the Risborough Basket will start delivering to Bledlow, with Bledlow Ridge expected to join soon. The retailers are listed on www.risboroughbasket.co.uk:

  • Princes Pets
  • Risborough Cookshop
  • Sally’s Sewing
  • Domestic Appliances
  • Godwins Bakers
  • Art & Office

The first run will be on Tuesday 14th April. The Community Bus will leave Risborough about 15:00 to deliver people’s orders to Bledlow Village Hall from where our volunteers will deliver the ‘last mile’ to people’s homes.   Subsequent runs will be on each Friday and Tuesday and we are hoping to add more retailers.

The following Princes Risborough shops will deliver direct:

  • Dukes Wine Merchants
  • Timpsons Meat
  • Risborough Cook Shop
  • Fonehouse

Contact details for these retailers are listed on www.risboroughbasket.co.uk