Definitive Map & Statement Project Working Group

Help preserve local footpaths

Why we need your help

All rights of way must be identified before a government deadline of 1st January 2026, after which it will no longer be possible to add old paths to the official record.

Well before then then we need to survey all the footpaths in the parish to:

  • Establish whether the positions and the use of the paths in use agree with what is in the Definitive Map
  • If there are anomalies, we need to document these as soon as possible to correct the record which can take months even years.

Help informally by letting us know

If you wish to help informally simply check the paths you walk agree with the map simply email ; you do not need to notify the Parish Council except where you think the definitive map is incorrect.

If you’d like to take a more active role

If you would like to take a more active role, please contact or call the Parish Clerk on 07843 975 097.  We will assign you a part of the Parish to cover – probably the area where you already walk.  We will ask you to:

  • Confirm the route of the path in use agrees with what is on the Definitive map
  • Check the paths are signposted correctly an appropriately e.g. that the route is clear, and the right of way is correctly assigned as a footpath or bridleway
  • Check the path is walkable and unobstructed
  • Most importantly check for well used footpaths which do not appear on the definitive map.

The Parish Council is co-ordinating this work, and the Definitive Map can be found at:,