Members & Officers

These are your parish councillors for the wards of Bedlow, Bledlow Ridge and Saunderton.  Every four years the parish councillors step down and, on the rare occasion when more than three people stand for a single ward, an election takes place. Should a councillor step down causing a casual vacancy then a new member will usually be co-opted.

Saunderton Ward

Cllr Stephen Reading – Chairman, Bledlow-cum-Saunderton Parish Council
Tel: 01844 345831

Cllr Mike Blackwell
Tel: 01494 562559

Cllr David Dobson
Tel: 01844 347972

Bledlow Ward
Cllr Simon Breese
Tel: 01844 275430

Cllr Andrew Sage
Tel: 01494 481257

Cllr Sue Bird
Tel: 01844 275331

Bledlow Ridge Ward
Cllr Nigel Cox
Tel: 01494 481478

Cllr June Butler
Tel: 01494 481222

Cllr Anthony Lord
Tel: 01494 481998

County & District Councillor
Cllr Carl Etholen
Tel: 01494 564771
Tel: 07810 442617 (Wycombe District Council) (Buckinghamshire County Council)

Parish Clerk
Tracey Martin
Tel: 07843 975097

Councillor Disclosable Pecuniary Interests