The Parish Council’s latest annual accounts and audits. All payments are listed in the minutes of each month’s meetings.

2021/2022 Accounts

Asset Register 

2020/2021 Accounts

Conclusion of Notice of Audit 

AGAR Signed off by External Auditor

AGAR Unaudited

Bank Reconciliation

Payments over £100

Asset Register 2020/2021

Electors Rights Notification 2020/2021

CIL Reporting 2020-2021

2019/2020 Accounts

Conclusion of Audit Notification 2019/2020

Audited Accounts 2019/2020

Notice of public rights and publication of unaudited 2019/2020 annual governance & accountability return

Annual Governance & Accountability Return 2019/2020 – UNAUDITED

2018/2019 Accounts

Conclusion of Accounts 2018/2019 and Audited Accounts

Notice of public rights 2018/2019 unaudited

2017/2018 Accounts

Annual Return

Conclusion of Audit

In accordance with the Transparency Code for smaller local authorities it is a requirement to publish all items of expenditure over £100.

2020/2021 payments over £100

2019/2020 payments over £100

2018/2019 payments over £100