Coronavirus Update April 2020

Help during the Coronavirus epidemic

The Village Support Group is now fully up and running.  Over 100 volunteers have come forward which should mean we have enough people to cope with the forecast peak of 20% of the Parish self-isolating.  The Parish Council has also allocated a budget to buy hand sanitiser, protective gloves and other necessities so that volunteers can carry out their work safely and to protect those being helped from infection.

Help on offer

  • Collecting prescriptions
  • Collecting groceries for those at risk
  • Dog walking and posting mail
  • ‘Check in and chat’ for those living alone

What to do if you need help

  1. In all probability a neighbour will already have offered you help.
  2. If you have internet access visit the parish Council’s Covid-19 page (see below).  We will keep it up to date and the information on it will grow.
  3. Ideally email this email address is monitored by a group of volunteers.
  4. If your need is urgent call 0300 033 1783 and a local volunteer will answer.

Tell a neighbour

We want to make sure everyone in the Parish can get whatever help they need, so please check your neighbours are aware, particularly any who you feel may be at risk.  But please stay safe, so either telephone them or print out this email post it through their letterbox.