Broadband Update February 2013

To residents of Bledlow, Saunderton and Bledlow Ridge

The Parish Council wants to do all it can to get a better broadband service for the area.  We’d like your help.


The Government and BT have announced that by 2015 90% of the population will have access to superfast broadband – good news?  Sadly, probably not for most of the people in the parish.


Too many of us that wrestle to get any mobile phone signal at all, when it is claimed that 95% of the population are already served by 3G, so it seems likely that Bledlow, Bledlow Ridge, Saunderton will remain firmly in the 10% without access to fast broadband, unless we take action.


What you can do

Please read the attached literature provided by “Bucks Connected Counties” and then register on their web site.  The more people who register the greater chance there is that Bucks CC and Government money will be spent on broadband infrastructure in our area.


In a hurry?  Please at least register

If you don’t have time to read the literature, please at least register your interest at   – the greater the number of households that register, the greater our chance of success.


Please check your speed

Please use the speed tester included within the registration document.  THIS IS IMPORTANT as this will help prove that our Parish is poorly served.


Please help – spread the word

Finally, if you know of neighbours who aren’t on the Bledlow Oil Buying Club list, please forward the email, encouraging them to sign up – our target is 100% registration of those already on broadband, so please play your part by helping to spread the word.


Please help us build a mailing List

As our campaign develops, we’d like occasionally to contact you, to keep you updated and to ask your help.  Please reply to this email agreeing to be added to our list.  We will soon start using a proper list which will allow you to unsubscribe.



Mike Britnell


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