Broadband Update February 2019

Broadband Work Group

Thanks to the Connected Counties initiative funded by Wycombe District Council, the broadband service in the Parish is improving.  Their commitment is that all save a handful of properties will receive a 10mbps service.  The parts of Saunderton near the station have long had a good service, with the more remote parts due to receive an upgraded service within the next few months, as are parts of Bledlow.  Bledlow Ridge now has a good service with ‘Superfast’ broadband widely available.


Cause for Concern

The Connected Counties funding ends in December 2019, after this date the project will in all probability be wound up.  Thus it is extremely important that we make sure the broadband service is brought up to a good standard before funding ends.  Last December we received the first reports that real life speeds have not matched the claims of Openreach in some areas, specifically North Mill Road, Bledlow where 13mbps was claimed by Openreach but only 3-4mbps delivered.  The Broadband Work Group has escalated this with Wycombe District Council and we are hoping for a resolution.


Help the Parish Council Help You and Your Neighbours

The Parish Council asks every household as a matter of urgency to measure the speed they receive so the Broadband Work Group can progress this with Connected Counties.  We are particularly interested in areas which have been upgraded so we can lobby for any shortfall in performance to be rectified.  Please visit to test your speed and email the results to together with a contact number and postcode.


Short Term Help

We can also help in several ways:


  • The Parish council can lend 4G broadband routers so householders can test wireless broadband. Areas with a reasonable mobile signal can achieve 10mbps and the monthly cost is now affordable
  • If you can see the tower of Bledlow Church, you might consider the wireless broadband service from Rapid Rural This service is currently going through the Church’s equivalent of the planning process following a successful trial period, and delivers typical speeds of between 50 and 120mbps at competitive rates


Finally, the Parish Council has set aside a budget to fill in as many gaps as it can which remain once the Connected Counties project has completed.  This might be in the form of financing the expansion of the Rapid Rural network or by using other wireless technologies.

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