New Website

Bledlow-cum-Saunderton Parish Council has a new website. The new website will also support the Neighbourhood Plan, which needs to make a variety of material consistently available as the plan develops.

The website also includes a Parish Calendar which we hope will be used by most of the local clubs and societies, and a Parish Directory listing all local organisations .  The site also carries a detailed map of footpaths and bridleways  as well as the Parish Council’s agendas, minutes and other papers.

The Neighbourhood Plan is a large project just started, but in time there will be ample opportunity for people living in the Parish to express their views on the material posted.

Please consider registering for the Parish mailing list, we promise we will e-mail you sparingly; mostly when issues arise which are important or of major concern, be they major planning applications, local flooding measures or notice of a vacancy for a new Parish Councillor.

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