Petition now closed: Speeding in Bledlow Ridge – Please sign our e-petition

In response to concerns raised by residents Bledlow cum Saunderton Parish Council commissioned a series of speed surveys at a number of locations in the Parish.

The most extreme instances of speeding were captured on Chinnor Road, Bledlow Ridge outside the entrance to the Cricket Club and Playground. Over the sampling period 25% of vehicles were travelling in excess of 35mph (the limit here is 30mph) with some instances seen of vehicles travelling in excess of 50mph. Given this evidence, it is clear that the existing speed limit re-enforcement measures (30mph road markings and a flashing 30mph sign) are ineffective.

The Cricket Club and Playground are widely used and popular with a newly established Cafe and Parent/Toddler group adding to the residents appreciation and use of the facilities.

In order to create a safer village and encourage sustainable local journeys we believe that there is a very strong case for physical traffic calming measures, such as a chicane or priority system, to be implemented at this location.

We have a stronger case for funding the work required if we can show that Villagers are behind the proposal, and so we would ask for you to help our case by signing the e-petition here.

ePetition – Bledlow Ridge Traffic Calming – Modern Council (

This ePetition runs from 03/04/2023 to 01/05/2023.