Ukraine Crisis: Links and Information from Buckinghamshire Council

Information available on the Buckinghamshire Council website and links below for those who wish to help or get involved with the Ukraine Crisis.

Sources of Support
We have a dedicated area on our website for anyone who would like to know more about how they can help/get involved, check out the ‘Helping Hand for Ukraine’ pages on the Buckinghamshire Council website.

We also have an online pledge form on our website where people can offer supplies, translations, toys etc. – this can be accessed here:

We have a dedicated email address that members can use if they need to contact the Ukraine support team at the Council –

I’m delighted to tell you we’ve now set up a Ukraine Crisis Fund with our partners Heart of Bucks which allows people to donate money that will directly help Ukrainian families arriving in Buckinghamshire. This is similar to how we channelled donations to Afghan families who’ve also arrived here. The funds have helped us to provide all they need to set up a new life in the county and in the same way, money raised through the Ukraine Crisis Fund will go directly towards helping these people who’ve fled their homes and arrived here in Bucks.

Reminder of the Homes for Ukraine Scheme
The scheme we are currently supporting is the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ visa scheme – this is where Ukrainian families can apply for a visa if they have a sponsor, such as a family or charity wishing to offer safe and secure accommodation for at least six months. In this first phase of the scheme, sponsors need the name of a Ukrainian individual or family to fill in the visa application.

People who would like to become sponsors, but do not have a link to a Ukrainian family can still register their interest in sponsoring a family – I must underline that the Council plays no part in matching sponsors with Ukrainian families and that this is currently being co-ordinated through charities and other channels. Once a UK household has made contact with a Ukrainian person or family in need of sponsorship and both parties want to proceed, either can fill in and progress the visa application.

I just want to remind you too that the Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme is separate from the UK Family Scheme which enables Ukrainian applicants to join family members in the UK – further details about this scheme are on the Government’s website.