Speed watch Group Volunteers Required

You know those speeding motorists in our village that everyone is complaining about? Well –

The furlough is over and the rain has abated, so we can re-establish the Speed watch programme. Volunteers are required to sit at approved sites in their camping chairs and read books, chat, watch birds and make sure our Camera is not stolen or in any way interfered with. On the job training will be given – how to set up the camera and what needs to be done to start a session and to finish it – hi vis jackets are required and will be supplied if required

All the admin and liaison with the Police will be done by our appointed leader, so no computer skills required. There are a number of sites along Chinnor Road and Haw Lane as well as one in Saunderton on the grass island in the 40mph zone and with enough volunteers we could make our presence very visible.

If you wish to help make our villages safer please send contact details to Tracey Martin Clerk Bledlow cum Saunderton Parish Council clerk@bcspc.org.uk or call 07843 975097 And we will be in touch.