Please help us get ready for Covid’s second wave

The Village Support Group will continue to offer help

Some commentators predict the second wave of Covid-19 may be more severe than the first, so the Village Support Group will continue to help when needed and we hope, as before during lockdown, that  neighbours will help each other.  The Parish should be better provided for as supermarkets have had time to increase their home delivery capacity, we have encouraged people to make greater use of locally available prescription delivery services and the Risborough Basket continues to deliver goods from local traders. 

The second wave will be different

As far as we can predict, over the next few months:

  • Businesses will continue to operate as far as they are able in a Covid secure way.
  • People are once again encouraged to work from home if they can.
  • Local lock downs seem all too likely.
  • Schools and universities will be kept open, while public houses and other venues may be forced to close.
  • A vaccine is expected at some point but there is no dependable availability date.

So we expect a long Covid-constrained winter, and we need to prepare for a fresh set of challenges.

Some children will have to work from home

One predictable consequence of the second wave is that many children will need to do their schoolwork from home as they self-isolate.  With possibly both parents working from home, and perhaps several children each wanting to access their lessons at the same time, some homes will not have enough screens to access the internet.  We would like your help with this.

Please give us your old laptops

The support group will collect old laptops which we will repurpose by loading them with less resource intensive software.  This is how it will work:

  • You give the Parish Council your old laptops.
  • Our volunteers will wipe the laptops and load them with new software, or cannibalize them where appropriate, or in the last resort send them to be responsibly recycled if they are beyond use.
  • We will give the repurposed computers to schools serving the parish.
  • The schools will distribute the laptops to children who need them.

Get in touch, so we can collect your old laptop

Please either call the Parish Covid hotline 0300 033 1783 or even better email  We will contact you to arrange a convenient time to collect your old hardware.

Visit for more details.