Coronavirus Update June 2020

To date the effect of the pandemic has been far less serious than we had feared at the outset in March.  We had planned for the possibility of 20% of the Parish’s population being off work at the peak which would have equated to 500 people self-isolating at one time.

Statistics are not available at Parish level, the most specific being for Bledlow, Cadmore End & Hambleden Valley, but as the Parish has a very low incidence of multiple deprivation and largely enjoys a ‘sparse setting’ we appear to be less at risk than more densely populated areas.

So as might be expected, requests for help from our volunteers continue at a steady but low level.  Their activities have mainly been collecting prescriptions and distributing deliveries for the Risborough Basket.

Support Group to continue

As the country moves to the next stage, we have decided to continue running the support group.  This is in case of a possible second spike of Covid-19 and because we wish to continue supporting those who are still advised, or have decided for themselves, to continue to self-isolate.
We will continue to offer services as before with:

  • Collecting prescriptions
  • Collecting groceries for those at risk
  • Dog walking and posting mail
  • ‘Check in and chat’ for those living alone

Apart from the increasing availability of supermarket home deliveries, we have collected an impressive list of local businesses who will deliver for those continuing to self-isolate. 

What to do if you need help

For at least the medium term arrangements will continue as before, so if you need help:

  1. In all probability a neighbour will already have offered you help.
  2. If you have internet access visit the Parish Council’s Covid-19 page
  3. Ideally email this is monitored by a group of volunteers.
  4. If your need is urgent call 0300 033 1783 and a local volunteer will answer.

Apart from our formally organised service we know many people are helping their neighbours which is a tribute to the nature of our area.  We wish to thank everyone in the Parish who has helped so far.

Bledlow-cum-Saunderton Village Support Group.

Tel: 0300 033 1783