Volunteering Guidelines

Rather than publishing our own guidelines we are working to try and ensure our volunteers are working to the latest advice on best practice.

At a general level the advice from GOV.UK is an excellent starting point.

Further guidance we are utilising is available here from Community Impact Bucks. COVID-19 Advice about volunteering

It contains particular advice on:

  • Paying for goods and services
  • Dog-walking
  • Use of car while volunteering for COVID19 purposes.
  • Other ways in which you can volunteer locally.

Please remember we will never ask our volunteers to undertake activities they are not comfortable undertaking or to enter people’s homes. Before carrying out any volunteering for us please take the time to watch this short video on keeping safe whilst volunteering to help during the COVID19 pandemic.

Other Volunteering Opportunities

Within the Parish demand for our volunteers is currently low. We have dedicated teams tasked to give support over the phone and collecting prescriptions however outside of these teams we understand we have many volunteers who are keen to provide assistance. In addition to the well-publicised NHS Volunteers scheme there are a number of other schemes running locally which need volunteer support and if you feel able information on other local opportunities are available here: COVID-19 Advice about volunteering